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Mr. Sanjay Jegarkal

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Mr. Sanjay Jegarkal
Qualification : M. Pharma

Mobile : +91 98440 68838

We are profoundly happy to welcome you to NSSGROUP OF INSTITUTIONS which is run by Shirdi Vidhya Academy Trust, Bangalore. As the Nursing Profession is noble & nurses are the largest health care professionals, providing good health, enthusiasm for life, contributing emotional & psychological stability, sense of well being and peace of mind of the patient.

This profession requires more Sincerity; dedication along with knowledge, with the motto of providing quality education, the management has started providing education in nursing programmes in the year 2002.

Our aim is to provide an educational programme through which the nursing graduate will be prepared to assume responsibility in the primary secondary and tertiary case if people as a professional nurse. The institution has produced thousands and more registered nurses, so far who are settled in India & Abroad.

NSS CON already has unparallel reputation for excellence in Karnataka and other states. We are committed to assuring that the graduate nurses are the best in the world by providing outstanding leadership & service all over the world.

I wish you all the best in your stabled career.